Writing Prompt #6 - State Haikus Part 1

 History of The Haiku

    For those who are unfamiliar, the Haiku poem is a three line piece with a pattern of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and then 5 syllables. These poems usually don't rhyme and appear incomplete. This style of writing emerged sometime during the 17th century and one of the more well known poets of the art was Basho (1644-1694).

Source: https://iaforhaikuaward.org/what-is-a-haiku/

US State Poems Part 1



Tractors plow the fields

Golden wheat towering high

Yellow blooms shine bright 


An arch rises up,

Flourishing by the water.

Rivers flow deep blue


Glitz and glamour tempt.

A promise of sunshine pulls

You under its spell.

New York

Remember the past

Searching for a better life

Patriots gather


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